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Frederick’s of Hollywood

A blog I follow, The Lingerie Addict, recently put up a post about Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Here are some awful pictures of their new lingerie collection:


Look at the underwire on this bra.  Look at where it falls on the model.  Underwire is supposed to line up with the inframammary fold - the line where the base of the breast meets the ribcage.  This underwire is sitting at least an inch too high, ON TOP OF her breast.  If they had it in the right place, her boobs would be absolutely spilling out of the “cup”.  I can’t imagine anyone who could wear something with underwire this wide and a cup this small, unless it was just slightly cupping the bottom of their breast with the nipples front and center.  Not attractive at all.


Boobs spilling out the side because, again, the cup is too small, and this time sitting too low on her ribcage.


Ugggghhhhh.  No support, cup looks three sizes too small (digging in, creating quadboob, spilling out the sides, AND sitting on top of her breast tissue).  Seriously, look where the bottom of the red part is compared to the shadow of the bottom of her breast on the left side.  It’s absolutely ridiculous.


Look where her breast curves compared to where the underwire sits.  It’s supposed to be pulled right up to that curve.  Look at how her breasts spill out the sides.  Not to mention the visual effect it has on her stomach, lol.

The whole collection is just trashy and cheap, by which I mean made of gross materials and horribly fitted, making these stunning women look schloppy and saggy.


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